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April 9, 2018

Client Highlight - Jessica Chin | Elesha Kelleher

Jessica Chin was one of the first people I have worked with since deciding to go back to work in nutrition counseling. Her enthusiasm, eagerness, and motivation, reminded me of why I love what I do, because of people just like Jessica.

Jessica is a busy working wife and mother of two small children. When we met, she was still battling extra baby weight and overwhelmed with the universal responsibilities of a working parent, finding it difficult to make healthy eating and exercise a priority.

After we worked together and came up with a realistic meal plan that would suit her busy lifestyle, Jessica realized it’s just as easy to make healthy selections as it is to make bad choices. We outlined menu ideas, centering her diet around lean protein, healthy fats, more vegetables, and high fiber carbohydrates in moderation.

Jessica enthusiastically shared new recipes on Facebook and has learned how to conquer dining out, selecting healthier, tasty menu options. I looked forward to her posts and reading about the new healthy meals she was discovering. One of my favorites—  she mixed rotisserie chicken with a little Greek yogurt and bell peppers, served over spinach and arugula. Quick, convenient, easy! Jessica  soon noticed how great she felt with healthier food, lost seven pounds in the first two weeks, and she was hooked! She has become a great example to her family with empowering new habits, focusing on good nutrition and leading a healthier lifestyle.

See her testimony below—-

After years of trying everything under the sun from Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast to Veganism, I finally found a way of eating that makes sense with my lifestyle.   I met with Elesha at Grace Studios on a Wednesday afternoon and began my new way of eating that night, with a trip to the grocery store.  I mention this because I’m normally a “Let’s wait till Monday and start, okay?” kind of gal.  During our consultation, as soon as I mentioned that I don’t eat breakfast, Elesha knew right away that Intermittent Fasting would be my best bet for success. With 7 pounds gone in 3 weeks, I’d say this was a successful match!

Since I began my new lifestyle, I just feel better overall.  I’ve cut back on sugar, carbs and starches and increased my protein and veggie intake.  Since changing my eating style, my energy has increased, I’m not sluggish and I am now paying close attention to what goes in my body.  The old saying of “You are what you eat,” FINALLY clicked with me!    I can feel a MASSIVE difference after I eat a “cheat” meal vs. when I eat for fuel.  Please don’t confuse “eat for fuel” as dull and bland!  I am not depriving myself!!  Bacon, dark chocolate, cheese… they’re all on the menu.  However, I pay attention to the amount and make sure to eat in moderation.  After a couple of weeks with limited sugar intake, my sweet tooth has nearly diminished and a special sugary coffee drink that I used to drink all the time now tastes different to me.  I can’t drink it because it’s just too sweet.  I had a hiccup the week of Easter, but picked right up and kept going.  I didn’t let myself see that small hiccup as a defeat!

Way to go Jessica!

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