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August 5, 2017

Fear - Awareness | Dharma by Amanda Day Vance

Fear - Awareness

They say fear is what’s inside you – it’s an awareness – an awareness that you, yourSelf has to acknowledge, you have to accept and try to overcome. Fear can be your worst enemy. Then your ego shows up and tries to push you over the edge, tries to push your limits, to where your fear becomes more powerful more intense. Ego stands for “edge God out” (Wayne Dyer). So, when your ego shows up, it starts bringing in more fear, more doubt. Here is when we have to try and be stronger, be braver and most of all breathe into our awareness and pray.

On my journey, my trek up Gothic Mountain, I looked over the beautiful, God-made mountain ranges, high above them, and realized that fear really WAS an awareness. I was so small on top of this vast beauty and my vision was an awareness of fear, I could see why I was afraid of heights. With every step I took climbing higher to that peak I breathed into my awareness, I breathed deeper and deeper (maybe because of the lack of oxygen way above tree line at 13,000 feet, haha) and I prayed I could make the next step. It was amazing!

Although I did not make it to the third peak, I made it to MY peak (the first peak). I noticed my fear, I chose love, I chose to conquer my fear and I conquered this mountain, the mountain of life + awareness and acknowledgement!

It was truly God that took over.

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