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- Strengthen and tone your body
- Increase flexibility
- Reduce stress levels
- Improve your overall well-being

Instructor training

30 week program

The Real Pilates Classical Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive 30 week program. We have a 100% graduation rate for all students who have completed their hours as per directed. Alycea Ungaro is the ultimate classical Pilates teacher trainer, and is one of a select group of 2nd Generation Joseph Pilates Teacher Trainers. She studied under Romana and was stamped with her approval to launch Real Pilates Teacher Training. She has digitized and streamlined the process for students from a training perspective. Making homework and hands-on what sets us apart from other Romana-based  training programs.

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100% graduation rate


The best in the industry

Train with the best in the industry, in a high level program that is famous for its inclusivity and friendly learning environment.  Presented over 600 hours total, this one of a kind program is designed to develop your ability to be a teacher, coach and guide for Pilates students. Our approach will set you up for success as a professional Pilates instructor.


What’s included?

The program consists of 4 weekend seminars and a progressive monthly schedule that include:

The program consists of 4 weekend seminars and a progressive monthly schedule that include:

  • Seminars
  • Access to studio for Practice Teaching
  • Weekly Online Homework
  • Observation Opportunities
  • Group Classes
  • Private and Semi Private Sessions
  • Meetings
  • Assessments
  • Assistant Teaching
  • Paid Teaching Opportunities
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Bridge Program

You were wide eyed and hungry. Some moves were familiar, but some were utterly foreign. Your hands fumbled, and the words just wouldn’t form. Somehow you made it to the end and then, something magical happened. You began to really learn and see things in a whole new way. Those early seminars faded away. The verbal cues forgotten. The hands on? Let’s not even talk about that.

Our Bridge program promises to teach you the “why” of each move. We develop your program design skills from the ground up. You’ll learn the original system as Joseph Pilates handed it down. You’ll become part of a distinct lineage of teachers who were trained under Romana Kryzanowska as you work with and through Alycea Ungaro’s comprehensive program. Fill in your blanks with all that you missed the first time.

Training Dates

Real Pilates Teacher Training
Beginner September 15th-17th, 2023
Intermediate I October 20th-23rd, 2023
Intermediate II  December 1st-3rd, 2023
Advanced  January 12th-14th, 2024
Weekend Seminar Hours: Friday & Saturday 1pm-7pm
Sunday 9am-3pm
*times subject to change*

Comprehensive Teacher Training

NON-BRIDGE STUDENT: $6000.00 (60 training sessions included).
Monthly Payment Plan: $857.14Monthly plan (7-month contract)  

BRIDGE STUDENT: $5000.00 (60 training sessions).
Monthly Payment Plan: $625.00 Monthly Plan (8-month Contract).

Non-refundable deposit to hold seat is the two months payment; this will vary on bridge or non-bridge.
30-Day Cancellation Policy Applies

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