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April 24, 2018

Meet Our Apprentice's

Jessie Bowen

After trying many different types of fitness and never really sticking to anything, Jessie took her first Pilates class about four years ago. Initially she was just looking for a workout that she liked enough to stick with, but found so much more in Pilates. For her, Pilates is a way to connect with and strengthen her body and clear her mind. It is the time during the day that she can commit to herself without concern for day to day stressors. Because the practice affected her so positively, Jessie became interested in learning Pilates more deeply. Initially, she began a mat Balanced Body certification and while looking for a studio that taught mat classes, she stumbled upon Grace Pilates and Yoga. She took her first class with Alix and knew that day that there was something special about this studio and the REAL Pilates method. It did not take long for her to decide she wanted to switch courses and become a Real Pilates apprentice.  She is very excited to work with the best training program in the nation and in her (unbiased) opinion, the best people and instructors in New Orleans!Jessie is originally from Michigan and moved to New Orleans in 2010. She works full time at Entergy in Supply Chain Management. She holds a BS in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State and an MBA from Loyola New Orleans. In her spare time Jessie enjoys shopping, traveling with her husband, Matt and exploring all of the food, festivals and fun that New Orleans has to offer! 

Chelsea Pierce

Chelsea, traveler, scuba diver, music festival reveler, discovered Pilates as a Complimentary Alternative Medicine while studying for her Masters of Occupational Therapy in St. Augustine, FL. After graduation, she knew she had to learn more about Pilates. While working as a pediatric occupational therapist at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX, she completed Level I and II comprehensive certification through Peak Pilates. She later went on to complete Peak Pilates Level III comprehensive certification in South Carolina finishing her full comprehensive certification.After moving back to Louisiana in 2015, she began working Children’s Hospital of New Orleans Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic and continued teaching Pilates in New Orleans. She has seen the benefits of Pilates not only in her own body, but also within her practice as an occupational therapist and in rehabilitation. She has chosen two careers that foster a lifetime of continuing education. She loves to learn to improve her skills as a rehab therapist both in the clinic and in the studio. 

Kathleen Garcia

Kathleen graduated from LSU with a degree in Marketing. She was a gymnast for 8 years and fitness has always been apart of her life. After taking her first Pilates class at Grace she immediately fell in love with the way it challenged her physically and mentally the way gymnastics had. The more she practiced she quickly realized she wanted to become a trainer to help others find their love for Pilates and experience the life changing benefits. Kathleen is honored to be apart of the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program and excited for the journey ahead! 

Michele Miller

A New Orleans native, Michele has always been physically active and dedicated to exercise. At a young age she was active in ballet, USA gymnastics, and USA swimming and later on became interested in biking, running, spinning, and CrossFit. In 2006, her curious nature led her to try a group Mat Pilates class. Pilates appealed to all her senses; the rhythmic and dynamic flow of the exercises, the focus on breath, the controlled movements and the challenge to always give a little more each and every class. Her desire to expand her understanding of Pilates and share these skills with others is what ultimately led her to Real Pilates and Grace Studio. She was fortunate to have an inspiring Pilates teacher who encouraged her to achieve this lofty goal to become a classical Real Pilates teacher.In her spare time, Michele enjoys traveling the world, cooking and spending time outdoors relaxing with her husband at their country house.  Mostly, she enjoys the simple pleasures of life, good friends, good food and great conversations with family and friends!

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