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December 8, 2017

Be Here Now | Amanda Day Vance

The holidays can be full of stress trying to juggle family, parties, work, and just life. Remember, that you can control your stress by being aware of how you feel, your actions, your satisfaction. Being mindful is a way to open and be more aware of what is happening in the moment, being present internally and externally. Being mindful, or practicing mindfulness helps reduce stress and anxiety. We have to take care of ourSelves, leave the judgement behind, we have to open our hearts, open our minds, take a step back and breath. Mindfulness is a practice that anyone can cultivate every day with anything they do.

A few practices you can be aware of during the holidays to stay present, to stay mindful:

1 – Spend some quiet time each morning, write your morning pages (journal), meditate or just breath.

2 – Remain grateful, notice the joyfulness around you.

3 – Practice Self-compassion, don’t forget about yourSelf, get good sleep (try some relaxation tea before bed), yoga, meditation. Eat a healthy diet. Taking care of yourSelf allows you to be more attentive and calmer.

4 – Let go of judgement, both yourSelf and others. Many friends and families come into your home or you go into theirs during the holidays, many different opinions, many different energies filling the air. Take a step back and try to loosen those feelings of “shoulda, woulda, wrong, negative” and fill with “love, joy, peacefulness and gratitude”

5 – Let go of an old habit or pattern that may be holding you back, open a new possibility or a new experience in your life, you never know what journey may be lying ahead of you.

6 – Be open, being open to your emotions, to others emotions. The holidays are full of emotions, maybe loneliness, grief, depression, so be mindful of that. Christmas is not just a joyful holiday for all.

7 – Practice active listening, put your devices down, hear what others are saying, give them your love, your attention, they may need it more than you at that moment.

8 – Be true and be kind, open your heart to those around you, even to strangers.

9 – Stay present, stay in the moment. NOW is all there is and all there ever will be. So,Be Here Now.

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful holiday season,

Amanda Day

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