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June 1, 2018

Align Me

You know the feeling: you bounce from one task to the next like a pinball, the obligations of your life bossing you around so hard that you don’t ever take a moment to press pause, to ask yourself: what exactly is it that i want?

I was in just that kind of moment when I came to my Pilates practice- letting the expectations, the to-do list, the ‘should -do’s’ drive my actions. But in those personal sessions, I paid attention to myself. With the focus of alignment, what began as a practice of simply stacking shoulder over shoulder, hip over hip, became something more. I started to feel a body and mind awareness in ways I had never experienced before. The work of directing my attention to only the movement and the cues of the instructor freed me from the running to-do list in my head. The repetition let me notice the subtle nuances in my body from day to day. Through that clear mind and deeper connection to my physical self, the body’s signals of yes verses no, what serves and what doesn’t, became clear. I realized  that question “What is it that I want?” became answerable. 

“The role of the teacher is for alignment” - Romana 

My goal as a teacher has always been to offer my clients a way to align themselves with their true nature. By stepping up to the reformer or on to the mat, you can take those precious moments to see past the repetition of the classical order, to pay attention to what lies underneath. Those moments are where you get to hit the pause button, allow what is non-essential to fall away, align with the deep truth within, and choose your own grace.

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